Lockyer Valley TimeBank

WHat is Timebanking?

  • Timebanking is a community network that allows the voluntary exchange of services between members.

  • You spend an hour helping someone - that earns you a one hour Time Credit - you can spend that credit by having another member provide a service to you, such as ironing, gardening, have a massage, learn quitar, painting, computer assistance etc

  • Everyone can be part of Timebanking because everyone has something to offer.

  • Everyone's time is worth the same - ie one hour of gardening is the same as one hour teaching computer skills.

    See the first minute of this short video to see how it works. . .

Why Join TimeBank?

Joining a TimeBank helps you, and at the same time, it helps our whole community. TimeBanking builds relationships of trust, caring and give-and-take.

Through a TimeBank we:

  • Get to know people who live around us

  • Have fun, build connections

  • Support and care for one another

  • Increase the well-being of people and the community

  • Learn new skills and share skills with others,

  • Do more of what we love and less of what we don't! - Love gardening and dislike ironing, do someone gardening for an hour and spend your credit having your ironing done.

Getting Started is Easy

Just create a member profile and attend an orientation,

A short introduction to the TimeBank, to go over how it works and get you up and running. We can create your member profile there if you prefer.

Text Timebank and your name to - 0429 861086 (or call) and well let you know when the orientation session is. If you create a member profile first, well let you know when and where the next orientation is.

Everyone has skills
that can contribute.

No skill is too
simple or too small.