What is expected of me as a member?

We ask that members make their first exchange within two weeks of joining and engage in at least six exchanges a year. We also ask that you reply to any messages with requests or offers for service within three days of receiving them.

What types of services can I request?

Anything that you need, or would like help with - cleaning, a ride to an appointment, cooking lessons, gardening, ironing, painting, language lessons, flat pack construction, administrative assistance, help with computing.....…the possibilities are endless!

What if I don't want anything?

We encourage you to accept offers and receive assistance as that's the essence of Timebanking - the give and take of community building. But you don't have too! If you don’t use the all the Time Credits you have earnt, you can donate them to the community chest and it will be made available for a member in need - Ie unwell, having a life crisis etc . Just contact one of the Timebank Coordinators.

How is timebanking different from volunteering?

Timebanking is based on reciprocity or what goes around comes around. While assisting others you are also being suported by the network by receiving. In Timebanking you earn time credits for giving services to another which you can then use to receive services that are useful and valuable to you.

How can I become a member?

Becoming a member is easy, there are two easy steps.

Simply create a member profile here and attend an orientation - it's a short introduction to Timebanking to get you up and running. If you need help setting up your member profile we can do it at the orientation. To find out when and where the next orientation meeting is - contact the coordinator or we'll be in touch once you set up your member profile.