Training Videos

Member Training
Total Video Time: Approx 25 minutes

Lockyer Valley TimeBank uses the same software used by most TimeBanks around the world - Community Weaver 3 (CW3).

Once you become a Member and watch the following videos you'll soon master how it works, especially when you post your first offer or request!

Need help? Please contact the member who told you about our TimeBank or one of our Co-ordinators.

Welcome to our TimeBank!

1. Community Weaver 3 At A Glance
4 minutes | Members: first 2 minutes | Co-ordinators: from 2 minutes

2). Finding Offers and Requests
4 minutes, 7seconds

3). Making an Offer or Request
3 minutes, 26 seconds

4). Acting as a Guardian Angel
2 minutes, 47 seconds

5). Reviewing Member Activity
1 minute, 15 seconds

6). Profile Basics
4 minutes, 7 seconds

7). How to Edit your Timebankers' Talents Listings
3 minutes, 31 seconds